Our Next Generation of Culinary Leaders Get Cooking

Becoming a Parkhurst team member is only the beginning for aspiring culinarians. Parkhurst continues to foster team development with our Culinary Leadership Program, a 12-week initiative with three learning events designed for high-performing culinarians.

“We have a number of up-and-coming chefs, sous chefs, and executive sous chefs, who have been identified as high potential, who are going to excel in the company and grow into bigger roles,” says Tim Fetter, Project Lead for Culinary Innovation and Standards for Parkhurst Dining. “This gives them an opportunity to network, collaborate, and work together.”

Featuring a mixture of in-person and virtual events, the first event is Base Camp (with a focus on leading yourself and others), the second is Way Point (focus on leading business and communication), and finally there’s Summit (which focuses on culinary skills and individual development plans).

In the video below, a team of Parkhurst chefs gets together at Loyola University Maryland to have a Culinary Throwdown, where six chefs in the program pair up in teams to prepare as many dishes as they can in an hour, with mystery ingredients including crabmeat (it’s Baltimore, after all!).

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