Pop-Up Possibilities are Endless

About a year and a half ago, Parkhurst Dining rolled out the Pop-Up program. This program is designed to “break the mold” by surprising, delighting, and engaging guests with something unique, different, and exciting. Sometimes that means selling BBQ chicken sundaes in the middle of campus for no apparent reason!

BBQ chicken sundae cones
Parkhurst Dining at Robert Morris University’s Executive Chef, Dan Chiaverini, hands out his BBQ chicken sundae cones at their Pop-Up event!

While, of course, a consistently outstanding experience at all dining locations is essential, mixing it up a little bit pays off big time. Pop-ups occur in a relatively unexpected place for a limited amount of time – perhaps an hour or two. Operationally, it’s an easy-to-execute offering, like edible cookie dough, donut holes, a popcorn bar, waffles on a stick…you get the idea. To the guest, it’s a compelling, crave-able item. Usually offered at one flat price and promoted for just a short time in advance, these Pop-Ups are designed to generate word-of-mouth and social media hype that quickly spread across campus. Oftentimes, they sell out!

Check out this great Food Management article for more information on Pop-Ups, and why they’re such a hit!

edible cookie dough
Parkhurst Dining at Duquesne University hosted a cookie-dough Pop-Up, which was a HUGE hit with students and staff alike!