Know Your Source: Tomato and Arugula Linguine

Summer is the season for sourcing delicious produce locally. While at least 20% of all our produce is sourced locally in the communities we serve all year round, there’s such an abundance of fresh favorites in the summer, from zucchini, to blueberries, to watermelon.

Taking the Garden Inside

Posted by Jamie Written by Tim Fetter, CEC, General Manager, Highmark Pittsburgh  With the popularity of “urban gardening,” many chefs are preparing plans to begin planting seedlings in their rooftop or other onsite gardens.  Once the threat of frost passes, they will start planting and taking care of their herb & vegetable plants with the…

The Buzz on Bees

Posted by Jamie Written by Mark Hubbard, Executive Chef at Highmark Senate Plaza  There’s a buzz coming from more and more backyards in Pennsylvania, and it’s not the drone of lawnmowers or the humming of cicadas. Its bees — up to 90,000 of them in a single hive — and your neighbors might just be keeping…

Garden Primer

Spring is right around the corner, so we decided to put together a class to get everyone excited about growing food. Our friends over at Grow Pittsburgh, an urban agriculture nonprofit, put together a class that was held at our office in Pittsburgh on February 19, 2013.

Propagating Rosemary

By Mike Passanita, Executive Sous Chef at Saint Francis University As a lot of you know, I love to grow herbs and other edible plants.  I am blessed with having a greenhouse on site at Saint Francis University to start my herbs before planting them outside of Torvian Dining Hall (our main dining facility) to…