School’s In! Parkhurst Welcomes Students for a New School Year

While Parkhurst works year-round to provide our guests with quality, nutritious, and inclusive dining, the end of summer is a very important time for our collegiate diners starting a new school term! Across our partner locations, Parkhurst greets incoming students with a series of Welcome Week activities to make them feel comfortable and ready to take on a new year. This not only creates excitement around the dining experience, but it also helps build relationships between students and our staff, so guests know if they ever have a question or concern, we can help!  

During these first several weeks of a school term, we set the tone for the upcoming year with the first in a series of pop-up events with local partners. As part of our initiative to provide inclusive dining, we set up various food stations with cuisine for every kind of student diner, including pre-arrivals, allergen-free, student athletes, and international students. We even invite students’ family members to these events to make them feel part of the experience (plus to help them cope with their birds leaving the nest!).  

Here’s a look at some of our past Welcome Week festivities across campuses: