What is Fusion Cuisine?

Our world has become increasingly connected, allowing consumers to experience more cultures and cuisines than ever before. This has led to an increased exploration of heritage and multicultural flavors and the desire to have global foods blend with familiar cooking techniques. 

Described as “fusion cuisine,” this borderless style of cooking is trending in 2023. It uses traditional recipes and adds a twist that incorporates ingredients or cooking techniques from another cuisine. Fusion cuisine is a cooking style that combines individual elements from multiple culinary traditions to create a dish that is new and exciting, offering guests a unique blend of flavors.  

Some popular types of fusion cuisine include: 

• Tex-Mex 

• Cajun 

• French-Vietnamese 

• Indo-Chinese 

• Afro-Carribean 

It’s important to note that authenticity isn’t necessarily what all guests are expecting when it comes to this trend, because they truly embrace the idea of mixing multicultural traditions to create something special, unique, and untraditional. Basically, there are no rules, with the only caveat being. . .be creative! 

Check out how some of our clients are incorporating fusion cuisine into their menus!