Meet Becca Funk

In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day (March 8), we sat down with some of the incredible women who make up the Parkhurst Dining team. We thank these women for sharing their authentic selves with us and feel so honored to have them on our team. Meet our first featured woman, Becca Funk.  

Rebecca Funk 
Director of Partnership Development 

What do International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month mean to you?   

They act as a reminder to celebrate the progress women have made professionally, and how far we still must go.  

Who are the women that have the most impact on your life?   

While it might be a common answer for a lot of women—my mom has of course had a big impact on me! She was the rebellious thinker of her family, is still not afraid to speak her mind, and takes care of people in the sweetest, most nuanced ways. I couldn’t answer this question without mentioning her. I also had some incredible professors in my college years that left a lasting impression on me. These were women that challenged the status quo of what a college student is ‘expected’ to do. They asked for more: a higher caliber of writing, more professional presentation skills, acute critical thinking, and informed vs. not discussion. They inspired me to be a better student and young professional because of their own accomplishments and dynamic ways of thinking. 

What’s one memory while working with Parkhurst that has made a lasting impact on you? 

While it isn’t necessarily one memory—I’m consistently impressed with our chef’s capabilities and ‘can-do’ attitudes. They truly make anything possible. It’s an attitude and mindset that you don’t get in other industries—and I know that will stay with me for years to come 

What gives you the greatest amount of pride in your profession?  

I love working in the food industry. It is a gateway to new cultures, to understanding different types of people, and to sharing experiences and stories in a uniquely non-threatening environment. I take great pride in working within an industry that provides joy and value to people daily, and opportunities for creativity, innovation, and making people feel cared for. Food is love!   

How did you get started in the industry? 

I started in the ‘commercial’ side of food. I sold and marketed a catalog of chocolate and snack products to major national retailers like Target, Kroger, Albertsons, and Giant Eagle. My previous company’s path crossed with Parkhurst’s when we started listing our products as part of the Forged Partners program. After learning more about Parkhurst, I was intrigued by their value systems around local sourcing, supporting family business, and—straight-up—really good food. The rest is history!   

Where do you get inspiration from, whether personally or professionally?  

I draw inspiration from a lot of places. Personally, my inspiration comes from traveling, dancing, doing yoga, journaling, experiencing new cultures and food—all the above! Professionally I draw inspiration from all the incredibly impressive people (a lot of them women) that I get to surround myself with—in and outside of work. They inspire me to try new approaches to projects, to ‘level up,’ and to keep challenging the status quo for women in the professional world.   

What advice would you give to someone new in your field?  

To not sweat the small stuff and actively practice letting go of perfection. This advice spans all fields though—not just my own. Women so often (me included) fall into the perfection trap, and it sets us back from growth. This looks different for everyone, but I think self-awareness around it is powerful.  

What do you do when you need a confidence boost?  

This one is easy. I will look back at old journals, old calendars, or old photo albums and say: ‘Holy crap! Look at all the things I’ve done!’ It doubles as a fantastic gratitude practice, too. I get a confidence boost from the reflection on my own accomplishments.   

During stressful times, how do you lead?  

Primarily, with the understanding that the people around me are also stressed! I try to quickly discern what the team needs—is it levity? Is it a heartfelt conversation and listening? Or is it clear, concrete direction? Then act accordingly.  

If you were a food, what would you be?   

This is hard. But probably the food I crave the most—a Cochinita Pibil Street Taco from a cart somewhere in Mexico.