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We Rethink Wellness with our ‘Well On Your Way’ Program

Guest wellness is always at the forefront of our dining experiences. Through our Well on Your Way program, we equip guests with nutritional information so they can make informed decisions about their diet and food choices. We provide you with the tools to make the right decisions for you!

At each of our locations, Parkhurst Dining aims to make an exciting array of nutritious foods, accessible to everyone, and to support the well-being and distinct dietary needs of each guest. Our wellness philosophy covers three types of wellness: physical, mental, and social.

When it comes to physical wellness, Parkhurst ensures standards are in place so wholesome, nutritious, and plant-forward options are integrated into menu cycles. We embrace minimally processed ingredients, whole grains, legumes and plant proteins, and plant fats, and we are conscious of portion sizes.

For mental wellness, we encourage guests to try new dishes and learn about the food’s health benefits, instead of trying something just because it’s the “right” thing to do. We frequently host Chef Tasting experiences and other engagement programming at our locations to change the way guests look at their relationship with “healthy” eating.

Finally, there’s social wellness. Our dining locations are social hubs for our communities, where people can come together to build relationships. We will often host theme meals, pop-up events, and partner with various groups to promote social wellness through our dining experiences.

One person who knows our philosophy all too well is our dietician, Alicia Koloski. Intuitive eating and gentle nutrition are also part of our wellness philosophy, where you touch base with your intuition and your body’s specific needs rather than adhering to strict rules and guidelines. The focus is on what makes your body feel good rather than what everyone else is doing.

Here is a recipe Alicia enjoys, and maybe it will be something you enjoy, too!

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