‘2022 Trends on the table’ for parkhurst dining

As we do every year, Parkhurst recently took a long, thorough look around us in the industry to see: What’s on the horizon for food service? The answers that interested us weren’t trendy ingredients or surface-level insights.

Instead, we were intrigued by large-scale, meaningful shifts that impact not only us, but our clients. For example:

  • What does the future of food in the workplace look like?
  • How does teaming up with local businesses and on-campus groups drive authenticity and variety?
  • What role does hospitality play in conveying the culture of an organization (especially over a screen!)?

We are thrilled to share what we’ve learned with you in the attached document. As Parkhurst turns the corner on 25 years of innovation and growth, our eyes remain unwavering on the path ahead – we’ll see you there!