Safety Excellence: Reinforcing guest trust & Confidence

Comprehensive safety, sanitation, and social distancing measures and training are being implemented at all sites to comply with updated federal, state, local, and client requirements. Our preparedness for safe operation of dining services across our client partner locations include:

  • Supply Chain Resources for masks, gloves, touchless thermometers, plexi-glass barriers and disinfectant as well as guidance on thoughtful menu planning to account for disruptions to the supply chain, particularly in the meat category.

  • COVID-19 Vendor Requirements were quickly established to ensure that we are providing safe food throughout the supply chain.
  • A powerful toolkit from our award-winning Safety and Security team, including a Daily COVID-19 Compliance Checklist, State-by-State guidance document regularly updated with changing guidelines, and COVID-19 specific team member training elements. 
  • The development of a program to designate team members at each site as Safety Ambassadors a role that requires educating guests and fellow team members about what is different, what they can do to stay safe, and what Parkhurst has done to keep them safe.
  • Strategic Communications Plans spanning daily, weekly, monthly and as needed touchpoint rhythms for team members, guests, and client stakeholders. 
  • Guest-facing signage communicating safety measures and the addition of a photo on team member name badges to show the smiling face beneath the mask. 
  • Reduced Contact Catering menus that prioritize safety without sacrificing quality, freshness, variety or visual appeal.
reduced contact catering Parkhurst
Our Reduced Contact Catering menu prioritizes safety without sacrificing quality or taste.

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