Genuine partner relationships

  • At the outset of the pandemic, we did not take advantage of the situation for our own financial gain. Instead, we lived up to our brand promise of building genuine partner relationships and worked one on one with each and every single client partner to come to mutually favorable financial terms. Our commitment to  customizing solutions to meet the needs of each unique partnership has proven to be a differentiating factor for Parkhurst throughout the pandemic.
  • Our executives have traveled to all of our locations or held video calls with client leadership since March to stay connected and focused on creative problem solving – spend time with the team as they put their reopening plans together 
  • Our District Managers have a limited number of accounts to manage; an intentional approach that allows them to focus on authentic relationships with  their partners and provided the room in this crisis to  lead our partners through dynamic change
  • We hosted a virtual Client Advisory Council in May to talk about the real challenges our partners faced and how we could drive solutions to meet them
  • Our team launched the Kitchen Connections e-newsletter with recipes and tips plus cooking tutorial videos from our chefs in their home kitchens to stay connected to our client partners

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