Rosemary Orange Cranberry Sauce

With several major holidays approaching (bring on the turkey and stuffing, please), it only makes sense for November’s theme to be Handcrafted in Our Kitchens. Paying ode to our made-from-scratch soup stock, hand breaded chicken, and many other culinary creations thoughtfully crafted in our kitchens everyday, we strive to bring the feeling and taste of homemade goodness right to you.

handcrafted in our kitchens - cranberry sauce

We knew we wanted to feature an out-of-this-world cranberry sauce on this month’s recipe card, so we paid a visit to our Duquesne Dining team. Executive Chef Tim Fetter whipped up this amazing cranberry sauce recipe, along with a full Thanksgiving spread, including stuffing from scratch!

The photos (and meal) turned out pretty incredibly, and we’re so excited to share the recipe with you to replicate at home.

This sweet and unique condiment (or side dish, depending on how you look at it!) will be the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving spread this holiday season and will surely ‘wow’ your guests. Enjoy!

18PHK2007-H November 2019 Seasonal Kit Handcrafted RECIPE CARD


18PHK2007-H November 2019 Seasonal Kit Handcrafted RECIPE CARD2