Spiced Caramel Corn

All October long, we’ve been showcasing the theme Fresh Tastes Best, which highlights everything from the fresh stock soups our teams make in-house everyday to the local produce we source from our remarkable partners, and everything else in between.

apple picking picture

It’s no secret that when a meal is made fresh it simply tastes better, but did you know you could also be healthifying (No, this isn’t a real word. Yes, we are still using it.) your dish too?  When you take the time to create a culinary masterpiece with real, fresh ingredients, there’s opportunity to reduce sodium levels, cut out added sugars and preservatives, customize your dish to fit your dietary needs or allergen restrictions, and edit the recipe any way to add your own personal flair!

The best news yet? Our Fresh Tastes Best philosophy applies to snacking, too. October’s recipe card features Spiced Caramel Corn that you can make at home in your very own kitchen. Feel free to bag it up to give to trick or treaters, share with your loved ones on Thanksgiving, give the gift of fresh, homemade sweetness during the holidays, or keep it all to yourself (we won’t judge). Everyone’s taste buds will thank you!

18PHK2006-H October 2019 Seasonal Kit We Love Local RECIPE CARD

18PHK2006-H October 2019 Seasonal Kit We Love Local RECIPE CARD 2