Trend Spotlight: Winning the Hearts of Vegans and Meat Lovers at FedEx Supply Chain

When it comes to debating which is better overall, eating plant-based or balancing a diet with both meat and dairy, there are countless arguments on both ends. Chef Don Ras at FedEx Supply Chain fully embraces both.

Upon his start as Executive Chef at this location, Chef Don observed a rather large population of plant-focused eaters. With this in mind, he developed a dining program with vegan and vegetarian fare as cornerstone cuisines. Chef Don isn’t a vegetarian, but he loves a good challenge and thus set his mind on creating delicious plant-based options that guests would come to love and appreciate.

“All I knew was, I did not want my vegan and vegetarian offerings to be glorified side dishes. I made sure that they satisfied me to the point where an absence of meat didn’t cross my mind,” Don said of his menu developments.

Initially, out of habit or just preference, the vegetarian population at Don’s location often brought breakfast and lunch from home, but with time and education, even non-vegetarian guests began favoring the plant-based offerings. In fact, they became so popular that they initiated a Meatless Monday campaign, where guests can choose from a full vegan and vegetarian menu at their Spoon + Fork station every week.

Don and his team are now bombarded with thank you letters and “where did you get this recipe?” notes from guests – vegetarians and meat lovers alike – a true badge of honor because they dream up all of these recipes from scratch. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a few of the team’s delicious plant-forward recipes – we can’t wait to try some ourselves!