Forging New Partnerships and Charting New Paths

As the year end nears, Parkhurst will launch a new initiative that renders all of the warm and fuzzies. The Forged Partners program is a further step in solidifying relationships with the businesses in our communities and helping them to expand their current footprints.

As a family-owned company, we believe in giving back and helping the businesses in our communities by supporting them as they chart their own paths. Through our Forged Partners program, we’re able to provide our business partners with access to a larger market and additional tools to help them grow. We’re all pioneers at some point and the artisanal businesses in our communities are an integral part of the fabric of the industry.

Many of our Forged Partners started with small but passionate frameworks: high culinary standards and guest-centered focuses. As we began to seek these partners out, we quickly uncovered many new, creative entrepreneurs who strive to bring unique, creative and high-quality goods to their guests, though some companies had limited opportunities for growth in their local communities. Now, we’ve made it our goal to give them access to various Parkhurst Dining locations throughout the region.

Each of our Forged Partners has met the following criteria:

  • We’ve personally vetted them to ensure compliance to our strict sourcing and Culinary Gold Standards.
  • They are family-owned and operated businesses that make products ranging from hometown favorites to new, cutting-edge artisan food products.
  • They offer products that guests and clients will appreciate as unique and noticeably differentiated offerings.
  • These products are stocked in one or more of our distributors, or they have the capabilities of shipping throughout our geography.

We love that we’re able to work with these businesses to expand their distribution and bring their exciting and creative products to the guests across our region, in turn offering our client partners a specialized retail product mix that’s sure to leave guests wide-eyed with culinary excitement! Find out more about our Forged Partners here!


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