Grass Fed Meat at Gwynedd Mercy

Koch’s Turkey Farm Located in Tamaqua, Pa

By: Sean Lockhard, Executive Chef at Gwynedd Mercy College

Have you ever wondered “how does anyone ever afford to purchase grain fed meat?’”

At Gwynedd Mercy College we believe we have figured it out, at least close enough that we can make do for a food service dining facility.  We have partnered with Common Market Co-op, a Co-op that pulls local farm’s products and offers delivery to our kitchen. Currently we are purchasing Bone in Turkey breasts from Koch’s Turkey Farm located in Tamaqua, Pa. The turkey is a Grain fed, antibiotic-free, all natural bird.

Chef Removing the Bones

In order to off-set the price and be able to offer such a superior product  we purchase the whole bone in breast, debone the two breasts ourselves, roast the turkey bones, then use the bones for poultry stock. Since we make all of our stocks from bones and vegetables this is a large cost savings as well as a huge flavor enhancement to our stock production. All of our soups and sauces at Gwynedd Mercy College contain some type of stock/stocks. The turkey breast meat is then used in many versatile applications; ranging from Roasted turkey in deli sandwiches, hot roast turkey Panini’s, turkey cutlets and carved turkey dinner. The options are endless.

Homemade Turkey Stock!

All truly passionate chefs will tell you that if you can offer your guests a superior product while preparing that product the “right way”, you not only owe to yourself as a chef but to your guests as well. Atleast, that is our perspective at Gwynedd Mercy College.

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